• 1840, May 26 - Journal of the Session of the Senate of the Commonwealth of PA
    • Mr. Sterigere from the committee on corporations, to whom was referred bill No. 90, from the House of Representatives, entitled "an act to incorporate the Franklin Cemetery company, in the township of the Northern Liberties, county of Philadelphia, and for other purposes," reported bill No. 91, with similar title and without amendment.
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  • 1840, May 29 - A digest of the laws of Pennsylvania from 1700 to 1894, Volume 3
    • P.L. 569. Franklin Cemetery Company. Philadelphia v. Franklin Cemetery Company, 2 Pa. Super. Ct. 569, 1896
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  • 1863 - Journal of the Proceedings of the 79th convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in PA.
    • Report of the Reverend Joel Rudderow, Rector of the Church of the Messiah, Port Richmond, Philadelphia. Property, same as last year , viz.: Church building and lot, lot in Franklin Cemetery for graves for the poor, and share in the Philadelphia Library, for Rector's use.
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  • 1884 - History of Philadelphia, 1609-1884, Volume 3
    • In 1840 Mrs. Catherine R. Livingston, of the township of Northern Liberties, proposed to convey to Rev. George Boyd and John W. Kester a lot of ground containing about seven acres, situate near the two-mile stone on the Frankford road, for the purposes of a rural cemetery. On the 29th of May, 1840, the association was incorporated as the Franklin Cemetery Company. The ground lies north of Lehigh Avenue, and stands back from the Frankford Road.
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  • 1913 - L.S.R. as Authorities (Lawyer's Reports Annotated)
    • Listing 1 - Pettebone vs. Smith, 150 Pa 118, 24 Atl. 693.
      • Property subject to local assessment. Cited in Philadelphia v. Franklin Cemetery, Pa. Super. Ct. 571, denying exemption of cemetery from water-pipe assessment.
    • Listing 2 - Philadelphia v. Masonic Home, 160 Pa. 572, 40 Am. St. Rep. 736, 28 Atl. 954
      • Cited in Philadelphia v. Franklin Cemetery, 2 Pa. Super. Ct 571, holding cemetery property not exempt from municipal assessments of water pipe.
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