Franklin Cemetery Records:

  1. Franklin Cemetery Internments 1861-1880, Volume I
    • Call Number Ph 37A:1
  2. Franklin Cemetery Internments 1880-1901, Volume II
    • Call Number Ph 37A:2
  3. Franklin Cemetery Internments 1901-1921, Volume III
    • Call Number Ph 37A:3
  4. Franklin Cemetery Lot Holders, Volume IV
    • Call Number Ph 37A:4

Records from the Messiah Church located on E Thompson and E Huntingdon streets in Philadelphia which hold burial records listed Franklin Cemetery burials can be found in the following collection:

Baptisms, marriages, confirmations, families, communicants and burials, 1847-1928
Albert M. Greenfield Microform & Media Center (open stacks)
Call Number: MFilmXCh 677

  1. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Death Certificates, 1803-1915
    • This collection has several types of records: 1) Death certificate, 2) Return of Death with a hospital certificate, physician’s certificate, and an undertaker’s certificate, and 3) Transit Permit with the permit to move a body and an undertaker’s certificate concerning the move. The records give the name of the deceased plus the date and place of death and/or burial. The records may also give the date and place of birth, names of parents and spouse, cause of death, and other information.

  1. Scanned Images from the Historic Society of Pennsylvania
    • This collection is all four volumes from the Historic Society of Pennsylvania.
    • The Lot Holders book includes information from sections 4-12 of the Deed holders for each lot. This index information can be found here.
    • Volumes I - III hold internment information on individuals from 1861-1921. Information from the opening of the cemetery in 1840-1861 is missing and presumed lost.
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